Reasons To Exercise

Here is a list of 20 reasons to Exercise:

1. Exercise will list your mood. Would you mind be more #happier?

2. Improve learning abilities. With more exercise, you will bring more oxygen to the brain and that will help you concentrate easier.

3. The exercise will keep your brain fit. If your don’t believe me, try on 😉

4. Exercise keeps your body fit and easier to move.

5. With exercising more often we will reduce body fats more easier.

6. Exercise is the fasted way to reduce stress.

7. Will constant exercise, we will improve our body line.

8. Boost creative thinking.

9. Gives you confidence.

10. Strengthens your heart.

Reasons To Exercise

11. Strengthens your bones.

12. Eases back pain.

13. Reduces feelings of depression.

14. Makes life more excising.

15. Helps with self control.

16. Prevents muscle loss.

17. Lower risk of diabetes.

18. Lowers high blood pressure.

19. Improves posture.


20. Improves Quality of life <3.


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