How Bananas Effect Your Body and Health

Australian most popular fruit is the banana. Even that the banana is the most popular fruit, the retail statistics show that apples and oranges are the most commonly purchased fruits in Australia.
The Banana provides a big range of nutrition advantages like vitamins B6, C, folate, minerals, fibre and antioxidants.


How does a Banana effects body and health?

The green bananas are anti-diarrhea. People even eat yellow bananas as a food which can stop their diarrhea. Bananas provide energy. In 100 grams banana, there is 378 kJ energy.

Bananas are also good for hangovers and they help circulation.

Some people use bananas as food for fighting infection and for protecting skin against damage from Uv-light. Other banana benefit is that they are Anti-ulcer and they suppress prognosticated enlargement and oxalate kidney stones.

Bananas are anti-diabetic and they enhance the nutrient absorption. They also help fighting obesity and heartburn remedy.


I motivate you to start your day with a banana juice.


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