Balance Hormones With Nutrition and Grow Healthy Hair

Almost everyone is in the process of losing hair. Even the fullest head of hair loses 50 to 150 hairs a day. Hormones have very large role in the process of hair growth and they are affecting every aspect of health. Many women commonly notice that their hair is at its fullest during times of pregnancy and after that they are facing pattern hair lose. After the pregnancy, they start losing hair more intense. In this period we can see the very best role on the hormones on our health.

Many times womens losing hair is associated with the hormones line estrogen and testosterone. Usually this is happening in the times of the menopause. Factors that might increase the hair losing in women are: high stress, poor posture and lack of exercise, heavy exposure to environmental toxins. When starts the hair losing, usually the first zone that is attach nape area of the head.

The very best step for changing your hormone status is starting a dietary changes.

First thing that you should add in your nutrition are food with anti-oxidants, trace minerals, healthy fat & protein sources. Three critical nutrients for healthy skin include zinc, silica & biotin. These minerals are found in many plant and animal foods. Silica helps the body absorb vitamins and minerals more effectively. It is critical for healthy hair as we age and can be found in cucumbers, celery, sprouts, and bell peppers.


  • Remove sugars, processed foods and pasteurized dairy from diet. 
  • Make shake with coconut milk and berries.
  • Eat zinc rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, eggs, & sunflower seeds
  • Eat silica rich foods such as cucumbers, celery, bell peppers, and sprouts daily.
  • Soak grains, legumes, & nuts in clean water with a tablespoon of ACV for 8 hours before eating.


Losing hair may affect to much on our confidence. And beautiful people deserve hair outside to.
Here is a beauty salon situated in Melbourne, offering solution for female hair loss
. They are offering great techniques that will replace all your lost hair.
Balancing hormones will help your hair stop falling and increase your heath situation, but for replace all the lost hair, you will need more time. Starting acting today.
Change your diet, add some extra exercise. 


One thought on “Balance Hormones With Nutrition and Grow Healthy Hair

  1. I must agree that hormones are really important for hair lost. People who have problem with hair losing, must care about their diet. Nutrition are really important for the hair quality.

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