Advantages of Full Face Headgear Mask

Waking up tired and restless every morning? Feel like you haven’t slept at all. Not treating the sleep apnea can affect both your private and professional life. Instead of ignoring the problem, take things in your hands and try a full face headgear mask. If you are a mouth breather, then that’s the ideal model for you. Not only that minimizes the pressure to the bridge of your nose, but also provides greater comfort than all the rest models. Thanks to the straps and adjustable headgear, you will have no problem wearing the full face headgear mask the entire night. Restless sleepers find this mask quite useful, because it provides greater freedom of movement during night. We listed only few of the advantages you get from the full face headgear mask.

Headgear Mask

Better Fit – If you want to improve your cpap treatment, then it’s time to try the full face headgear mask. Its T shape cushion design fits your face perfectly, so that no leakage can ever happen. You would be free to move all night, without fearing that the mask won’t seal properly and stay out of breath. What’s most important, you would be able to adjust and fit the mask easy and in few seconds. No need to visit the doctor every time you need adjustment. No need to re-adjust the headgear every time you take off the mask.

Eliminate Dry Mouth – A lot of sleep apnea patients have problem with dry mouth. If you are one of them, then you should try the full face headgear mask. Since the mask covers both your nose and mouth, you receive moisturized air that blows directly into your airways and eliminates dry mouth. To completely eliminate this problem, you can use air diffuser along with the headgear mask and minimize the exhaust noise as well. Your partner would really love that.

Greater Comfort – Compared to other models, the full face headgear mask includes soft silicone cushions that adapt to your facial features and provide maximum comfort. Thus it allows secure seal every time you move from side to side. The foam cushion provides a good seal so there is no chance of leaking even if your pressure is high.


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