Feng Shui Ways to Enhance Your Health

I was recently redecorating my home, so I came across many interesting articles about decorating your home in a Feng Sui style.
I was never into it so much, but just before starting the redecorating everything at home was a mess. The haos was visibly reflected on our health situation.
Then searching for tip for better redecorating I found up that the Haos that I have created at home is currently reflecting on us.
There is a constant energy flowing in your home. One of the most important thing, according to Feng Sui is allowing the air flow in your home. With a free and continuing air flow in the area, you are allowing the positive vibration go though your entire home.

Nice way for increasing the positive vibration in home is with pictures of healthy plants and landscapes. Add more personal enhancement on the pictures as possible.

Keep a health plant in your area. Even if you don’t have plants, buy at least one plant.

Avoid dried flowers. When the plant you have are starting to dry, replace them with a new fresh ones.

Get more object made of wood. Also floral prints, wall papers and fabrics are good for you.

All those motivation that are keeping your happy and motivating you, keep them on a more public places. When you are seeing the more often, them will en crease their effect.

Read more here: http://fengshui.about.com/od/health/tp/Feng-Shui-Health-Tips-How-To-Feng-Shui-Your-Home.htm


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