Pepsi’s New Stevia-Sweetened Drink

There is a growing trend in the world, when people are searching for healthier food.
Many people are suffering from different diseases and now they are facing special diets.

There are also a lot of people facing a problem with their weight, so they are trying to loss some weight. All these problems are making people occupied with their way of eating.


In 2013 there is a growing trend of buying water and water supplements that are famous for increasing the health condition and helping you lose weight. The trend of buying regulat soda like coca cola and pepsi is falling down.
That is why the Pepsi company, following Coca Cola steps is presenting their diet and healthy Pepsi drink, the True Pepsi.


In their advertisement is said: “Amazing real Cola taste and no high fructose corn syrup with no artificial sweeteners either. The Pepsi True, It’s delicious.”

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