Should You Eat Gluten Or Not?

Time by time, the world has changed a lot.
Our living environment is not the same as before. Almost nothing is the same as it used to be 50 years ago.

Many people say that the health conditions that we have today, and the health condition our grandparents used to have, are not the same. That time, they used to have more healthier food resources, cleaner air, more healthier lifestyle.


Today we live this “stressful” life with no time for taking a bath. We don’t own this half an hour for relaxing and res-orbing energy, and all this reflects on your health.

Our lifestyle is totally upside down from the way it used to be. Our food is completely changed to.

I recently read an article about gluten.

Do you eat gluten few times a day?
If you do, then this is centrally a an article for you.

Since 1960’s there been many experiment done on the wheat. The wheat has been hybridized and re-engineered to increase it’s size. With this modification, the molecule has grown to.

So today we have more than 40 different types of wheat, with different taste and quality.

How doesn’t love the fluffy bread?

But with making things bigger, the gluten molecule has gone bigger, with is a problem for our digestion. The molecule is so big, so our digestive system is not able to breakdown the burly molecule.
With no properer chewing food, just a small part of the food we eat goes on the right place.

Here is the whole article:
Read more about consuming gluten as a food.


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