How Your Mattress Affects Your Training

If you are aspired by the healthy lifestyle and you want to lead one, then you should know that natural, healthy eating, regular training and good sleep are vital to embark on the journey called ‘healthy life’.

In other words, positive thinking, good nutrition and regular exercise are the active ingredients that jointly make the formula of healthy living. Especially if you are a professional athlete, I want to give you the best of friendly advice that if you do not eat and sleep according to your goals, you should not expect to reach them.

Talking about good and healthy sleep, this subject implies the necessity of sleeping on a quality and comfy mattress that will be able to provide you the most out of sleep. Back or neck pain in the early-morning waking ups are definitely not a good sign. It means that something is wrong here. And that ‘something’ is your old or wrong mattress.

Those who deal with continuous sports activities have higher demands of strength, power, flexibility and quick reaction times. Sleep charges the body with energy, so if your mattress does not allow you to have a full, deep and quality sleep, you will be missing in all of the above-mentioned physical activity demands.


Missing a good night’s rest due to the mattress, affects not only training, but all other aspects of life as well. The effects are of course, negative. You are not productive, thus not functional. Little to no sleep is linked to loss of focus, concentration, even memory. But the consequences are not limited here. Chronic sleep deprivation raises the risk of other cognitive health issues, including osteoporosis and cancer. Sleeping on a quality and comfortable mattress will surely improve your overall physical performance, such as longer endurance, lower heart rate, faster sprint time and fasten movements (reactions).


Based on my personal experience about sleeping on a bad mattress with months, I will just sum up that less energy means less energized workouts. If you are already having such an experience, it is definite time to change your bedroom’s mattress. To shop on a budget, I suggest mattress sales. Buying a mattress on sale does not mean low quality and comfort. On the contrary, you can buy a brand mattress for less if you shop end-of-season sales. I bought my new mattress on sale and believe me, I have never felt better and more energetic. Even my workouts got better.


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