Which White Wine Has The Fewest Calories?

When buying food most of us spend significant amount of time in the supermarket, checking the labels in order to gather information about all the nutrition facts, but few of us do this when buying wine. It is generally known that white whine is lower in alcohol than the red wine. Yes, a glass of Riesling won’t break your diet plan, but what you need to know is that this is not the white wine with the lowest calories level. Thereby if you are trying to watch your figure arm yourself with the basic knowledge about which white wines have the fewest calories.

You might be surprised when you hear that Chardonnay is the white wine that has the fewest calories, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drink Riesling anymore, the difference is not that big. More specifically, here are the basic facts about the major types of white wine that every wine lover should be familiar with.



Chardonnay wine types with different origin can differ in calories, but the approximate number of calories amounts around 118 calories in 140ml.

Sauvignon Blanc

What determines the number of calories in this white wine variety is the sweetness. A 140ml glass of Fume Blanc contains around 122 calories, while the same glass of Sweet Sauvignon has 28 calories more.


Riesling Wine

If you are nutrition-minded person for which every calorie counts, go for dry Riesling instead of a sweet one, because the number of calories in the sweeter variant is almost doubled. In fact, in a 140ml serving of dry Riesling there are 123 calories whilst in the sweet one there are 225 calories.

Pinot Grigio

A 140ml serving of Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris is backed with the same number of calories like in the same amount of Riesling – 123 calories.


If you are trying to stay fit you can’t go wrong with Semilon. It’s a dry sweet classic white wine blend that has only 122 calories in 14ml serving. Thus if you watch your figure but cannot give up the sweeter whites stick to Semilon.


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