Hearing Tests – 5 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

The causes of hearing loss are countless as well as the types. Since ever, the most common cause of hearing loss is due to the aging process. Generally speaking, this is influenced by genetics, severe exposure to loud sounds, as well as general overall health.
Statistics have shown that hearing loss can occur at different phase of people’s life and can affect each person differently. However, one thing is for sure – it occurs gradually. In fact, it occurs so slowly that many people don’t even notice they are dealing with hearing loss problems.


Just like any medical condition, the sooner you inspect the hearing loss the better treatment results you will have. If you are not familiar with the signs of hearing loss, have a look at some of the basic ones.

  1. You Have Problems Hearing People Talking On The Phone – Today, all phones come with an adjustable volume control setting, so you can easily modify the volume when speaking on the phone. The easiest way to see if you or someone close to you have hearing problems is to check the volume setting on the phone. If it is set on max, the chances you or someone close to you have hearing difficulties is huge. In that case you or she/he needs to see a hearing professional.
  2.  You Have Difficulties When Several People Are Talking At The Same Time – Being a little lost in conversation is not always a sign of hearing loss. However, if you have trouble hearing people at a work meeting or eating dinner with few people who talk at the same time, you certainly have hearing problems.
  3. The Family Complains That The TV Or Radio Is Too Loud – When your family complains that the TV is too loud, you probably have a hearing problem. Unfortunately, statistics show that hearing loss is more and more present in younger patients around their 20s because of a long-term exposure to music.
  4. You Have Trouble Hearing In Noisy Environments – If you are at some new restaurant or night club with friends and all that background noise makes it difficult to hear them, then maybe you are having some hearing problems.
  5. People Don’t Speak Clearly – If everyone around you “mumbles”, then the chances of having a hearing problems is huge. A properly and professional done hearing tests will solve your dilemma. Nowadays, there are many fitting hearing aids that can fix this problem and enable you to hear clearly.

These are the five most common signs of hearing loss. The good news is that today hearing aids can solve all hearing problems. They come with directional microphones and digital noise reduction, so you can adjust according to your needs. However, before doing anything, visit a professional, make the proper hearing tests and after that look for the perfect solution.

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