Combine Supplements For Bigger Gains

You’re training hard, sweating like a pig every day in the gym , eating as clean as possible and yet, results seem to come slower than a snail on a dry floor. Don’t worry, results will come, just not as fast as you want to.


Muscles take time to grow and define; that process is long, requires dedication beyond belief, concentration and strong will to get in your running shoes, put on the hoodie and go for a run or hit the gym even though outside is freakishly cold. It’s a lifestyle, and once you decide to live that fitness junky life, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. Nothing scary, it all comes down to what’s more dear to you: drinking junk alcohol all night and be sick the entire weekend, or be the object of admiration and respect by all. From that point on, anything is just a matter of time, effort and the right supplements. I won’t try to lie to you; without the right supplement stack you will strugle a lot and the battle will be harder. Search for online supplements Australia retailers and look for these products to create the stack for getting your machine running smooth:

  1. Whey protein – all online supplements Australia retailers offer whey protein. Whey is your most basic ingredient in the stack since it serves a lot of purposes in the entire muscle building procedure: helps you lose fat and preserve muscle mass, increase muscle size and strength and reduces hunger, since your intake of protein in the organism is satisfied. Whey is to be taken 20grams as a pre-workout supplement and 20-40 grams in a post-workout shake.
  2. Creatine – it was long believed that creatine was no good for the body, but a large number of studies have been conducted and they all resulted in amazing results for the muscle building process. Creatine ‘s purpose is to enhance the body’s capacity to perform high intensity workouts. Meaning: it gives you enough energy to endure longer and heavier training, so you might want to include it if you’re experiencing difficulty running, lifting heavy weights or shortage of breath after a short period of time on the treadmill or the weight racks. Depending on the form of training you’re practicing, take 2-5 grams of creatine pre and post workout.
  3. CLA conjugated linoleic acid – is actually a naturally occurring fatty acid and its main purpose is reducing fat mass in the body. It’s funny though, how a fatty acid can help in the process of burning fat? It’s been proven that it does very effectively by turning fat into lean muscle mass. With the right dosage you can see results fast and easy.

This is just one stack of supplements you can use to start your training the right way. There are other stacks as well, since every fitness supplement stack is designed to help you reach a specific goal. So, it’s important to know at what stage of your fitness journey are you in the moment and what exactly is it that you want to achieve: bigger arms, stronger legs, wider back or you’re aiming towards overall strength and endurance? Also, be very careful when you choose the supplements in the stack; research them well before you mix them. You don’t want to end up with the wrong mixture that can easily cost you all your hard work and even your health.


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