Hypnosis – The Ideal Way to Quit Smoking


“Want to stop smoking, just learn to love yourself” lead by this quote I am now proudly wearing the title- a former smoker. For me giving up smoking was not an easy task, it actually was a ride that lead me to a destination that is beyond the horizon. I thought that I would never reach it, but here I am testifying that everything is possible if you only want, every move we make, every step we take is a matter of a personal choice. Don’t wait to find yourself in a life-threatening condition, stand firm, start fighting and overcome the harmful habit that kills your lungs gently and slowly.

The method that worked in my case was not quit-smoking tablets, nor different models of e-cigarettes that are a harmless solution for your addiction, but instead, I decided to try hypnosis to stop smoking, and joined a quit-smoking session which lead me to excellent results leaving this toxic addiction behind forever.

I suppose you wonder how hypnosis work and will it help you to quit smoking after couple of sessions? I confirm that it is possible since I am a typical example of it, and I do hope that the following will be convenient enough for you to make up your mind and to enjoy the freedom in its fullness.

What is smoking?

Well, doctors and hypnotherapists too, define smoking as a subconscious habit, a life-threatening addition that in many cases can result with death (because people that smoke usually die of a lung cancer) and it can be overcome by individual’s personal choice and his/her deep desire to enhance the well-being.

What does it mean to be hypnotized and how it works?

It means that you are in a so called “trance condition”, you relax more, are concentrated more and at the same time you are willing to listen to suggestions by another person. In this case this person is the hypnotherapist who uses many different hypnosis techniques starting from a simple phone consultation, then an in-person session where the individual is walked through breathing exercises that eventually will lead to a trance condition (a state of ultimate relaxation). Once the patient is drawn into that condition, the hypnotherapist makes convenient suggestions like: “I don’t want to smoke any more, smoking can cause harmful diseases in my body” or “I smell the freshness of my T-shirt, I don’t want the awful smell of cigarettes on my clothes anymore”, I am uninterested in cigarettes, I detest them” and many other convenient “I” statements that hopefully will take root and within time will change the patient’s desire for smoking and can make him/her quit forever. If you want to see the progress in action, do not hesitate to share your doubts or any other issues related to smoking with your hypnotherapist, he/she knows which further steps have to be taken, in order for you to reach the final goal and to stop smoking once and for all.

One last thing to take into account, for best results single hypnosis to stop smoking sessions are required, because studies have shown that group sessions are not as effective as the individual ones.

Congratulations on almost quitting smoking!


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