Interesting Facts Proving Hypnosis Is Real

People usually have the wrong opinion about how hypnosis works. It’s not like those Z – movies from the 50s, where there is a watch going left from right and you are under mind control, or the Hypno-Toad style from Futurama!

There are a lot of debates online such as on forums or YouTube to discuss if Hypnosis real or not. The debate will last forever, but do not give in to people’s opinions so easily. Try something before you decide if it is real or not. The most common ground that people have agreed on is that hypnotherapy does not work on everyone, and the hardest part is to prove it that it works on some individuals.

Stop worrying, your search is over, stop doubting and questioning hypnotherapy, here are the most compelling pieces of evidence that Hypnosis is real!

Replacement Instead Of Drugs!

Individuals that had difficult times in their lives and were methadone addicts, stoners and alcoholics through the help of hypnotherapy and counselling changed their lives forever and stop taking their addictive substance! And who needs drugs when hypnotherapy can replicate the feeling of being high? One study from the 60’s showed that the effects of the brain-altering LSD drug through the help of hypnotherapy helped them to remember the feeling they got while being high on the drug.


Hypnotherapy helped getting rid of the Phantom Limbs!

When you think about Phantom libs, you probably get the chills, but there are a lot of testimonies where people through the help of hypnotherapy and counseling were finally rid off the pain that was in their limbs who were no longer there.

Mental Health Issues are gone!

mental-health-gifPeople who have are exposed to non-stop stress and feel anxious with the help of hypnotherapy session have solved their problems. A lot of studies show that putting patients into a trance condition, and suggesting to them that they are no longer anxious or depressed can have a positive U-turn in their lives and give them a new path to walk on – a path of happiness and tranquility.

With Hypnotherapy you are getting more Memory!

Hypnotherapy improves your memory! Skeptics everywhere are making frowny faces, but that is the truth! Everybody wants to be Sherlock Holmes these days, and with just a couple of sessions you can! Hypnotherapy helps you open your mind to possibilities that you haven’t imagined you had! Just a couple of session and you will know how to create a memory fortress! There are even some police departments using hypnotherapy to recreate the events of the witnesses and victims on how the crime happened and recall important stuff for their investigation. This is one of the topics where the discussions never end, but the most recent research indicates that hypnosis helps you improve your memory a lot.


The list of evidence is infinite, you gotta believe it! Like everything in life if you do not believe in something you cannot make it! If you have any kind of problem and still thinking about how to change your life then stop it – hypnotherapy and counseling will lead the way to your new life!

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