How To Choose A Healthy Protein Bar


Many people, when in a rush and needing to grab a quick snack, tend to opt for a protein bar instead of a sandwich because they consider it a healthier option. But, when you get to read the nutrition label of this food, what you find in most of the cases is about 30 grams of sugar and only 15 grams of protein, surprised right?!

In order to avoid consuming ‘health food’ that can actually hurt your diet, there are few things you should look before you buy protein bars online and offline such as the nutritional label to make sure what you are eating is really healthy.

1. The Protein Bar Should Have At Least 20 Grams Of Protein

Anything with more than 20 grams can be considered a good protein bar. It has protein added for the main intention of increasing the protein content. According to research, 20 grams is the amount necessary to provide your muscles a little burst of protein synthesis. Anything with less than 20 grams of protein should be considered a candy bar.

Unfortunately, not many proteins bars available on the market fall into this category. In addition, many impregnate the market with numerous health claims, which makes even more confusing deciding which one is actually good for you.

2. The Protein Bar Should Contain Whey Protein

If you really want an optimal snack, when looking to buy protein bars online or offline, check for whey, or a whey/casein blend. Aside from ensuring high-quality, choosing a protein bar that contains whey protein is also an indication that the manufacturer care about the ingredients it uses on its products.

3. The Protein Bar Should Contain Less Net Carbs Than Grams Of Protein

As you may know, a protein bar contains other ingredients rather than protein, or it wouldn’t be considered a food. So what other things should you keep in mind? If anything else on the label is less than the amount of protein, then you have a great option in hands. You should know that only very few protein bar available out there meet this criterion.

Another important factor to consider is the carbs you’ll be eating. Many protein bars contain sugar alcohols, which when consumed in large amounts can lead gastrointestinal issues for many people. Most bars also contain large amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners, so the carbs in the bar are often where they start looking more like candy.

If the protein bar contains fiber, consider it as an extra bonus. To calculate the ‘net carbs’ in the bar subtract the grams of fiber from the total carbs. If the number of net carbs is lower than the grams of protein, that is a good thing.

4. The Protein Bar Should Contain Enough Fat To Suit Your desired Calories

The quantity of fat in the bar is only going to affect the calorie content. If you are looking for a protein bar to replace a meal, then go for more than 10 grams of fat.

5. The Fewer Ingredients The Protein Bar Contain, The Better

If a protein bar contains more than 20 ingredients (most of which you can even pronounce their name) that is a good sign for you to look for another protein bar.


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