6 Simple Yet Efficient Exercises for Upper Back Pain

With the ever-increasing use of computers, desk jobs and time spent sitting in public transportation means, it is getting really difficult to avoid both lower and upper back pain. Even if you’re active throughout the day, there are many ways this pain can occur: as a result of trauma, sudden injury while exercising, keeping a poor posture over a long time and many others. However, over the last few years, people who have a desk job are the ones who complain about upper back pain most.


Whether minor, severe or extreme, upper back pain can prevent you from performing your daily duties normally and efficiently. Even if you can somehow ignore the pain and act like everything’s fine, the pain will soon limit your capabilities and movements. Ignoring your upper back pain and doing nothing about it is a sure way of making it more severe. If you choose to treat it, here are 6 simple yet efficient exercises for your upper back pain.


The butterfly is an efficient upper back exercise that everyone can perform. Sit or stand up straight, place your palms down on your shoulders and bring your elbows as close to each other as possible. When your elbows meet, you will feel a sketch, but don’t worry, that’s a sign that you’re doing the exercise properly. Hold them in that position for about five seconds and release. Repeat this exercise ten times or more if your injury is more severe.

Neck Rolls

While its name suggest that it is a neck exercise, neck rolls is a great exercise for relieving pain in upper back too. Sit upright, relax your shoulders and hold your hands still. Begin the exercise by leaning your left ear over your left shoulder. Then, slowly move your chin towards your chest and try to keep your back straight. Move your head backwards and then gently bring it back in the initial position. Repeat this with the other hand.

Arm Reach

To perform this exercise, get down on your hands and knees and keep your neck parallel to the floor. Raise your left hand and stretch it out in front of you, also parallel to the floor. Take cautious to keep your head straight. Keep your left hand in this position for five seconds and then repeat it with the right hand. Repeat the arm reach exercise up to 10 times.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

Shoulder blade squeeze is a very efficient exercise for upper back pain and also easy to perform. Stand with your shoulders and spine straight. Begin by pushing your elbows behind your body in an effort to bring your shoulders as close together as possible. If your upper back pain is severe, you may feel discomfort, but it fades away in a matter of seconds. You can repeat this exercise up to 10 times.

Middle Trap Exercise

To relieve your upper back pain with this exercise, you need to lie on your stomach on a flat and firm surface with a pillow underneath your chest. Then, spread your arms on both sides with the elbows kept straight and the thumbs up. Steadily begin raising your arms towards the ceiling and bring both your shoulders as close to each other as possible. Hold for a few seconds, lower your arms and repeat the process up to 5 times.

Arms Overhead With Strap

Whether you’re familiar with yoga or not, this yoga pose is simple and can efficiently save you from upper back pain. Take a (yoga) strap or belt, raise your hands over your head and keep them in a shoulder-distance, tightly holding the belt. If you cannot fully straighten your elbows for this exercise, just take a greater distance between your hands. Next, put your chin down towards your chest, so that your neck and back muscles relax and pull the belt apart. Hold this position for about 5 six deep breaths and repeat up to 5 times.


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