Health Benefits of an Electric Blanket

When the winter hits and the nights get colder there is nothing quite like the feeling of laying in a bed that has already been warmed up by an electric blanket. Also called heated blanks, these blankets come with a series of thin electrical wires that when plugged into electricity supply heat up your bed either before you go to bed or throughout the night while you are sleeping.

But aside from the extra warmth and comfort this blanket provide on winter nights, an electric blanket also offer amazing benefits for the health.


Alleviation of Aches and Muscle Soreness
The use of heat to help reduce pain associated with muscle soreness and aches is nothing new. Because the muscles stay in direct contact with the blanket, which provides a low level heat for a long period of time, this helps increase the blood flow, thus reducing muscle aches.

Alleviation of Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
Millions of people in Australia suffer from at least some arthritis and electric blankets are known to help provide some relief from the pains associated with it. Again, it works by boosting the blood flow to the skin and muscles around the pain area.

Increased Flexibility
Using an electric blanket can also increase your flexibility and range of motion as well, for the same reasons as you can relieve muscle soreness.

Individual Comfort When Sleeping With a Partner
When two individuals share a bed, one is often warmer than the other. In such case, an electric blanket with two individual controls is the perfect solution. Most Queen and King sized electric blankets come with ‘dual controls’ to allow each individual to set his/her own comfort level.


Better Sleep in a Cool Room
Many studies have reported that sleeping in a moderately cool room leads one to sleep better. With an electric blanket, you can turn your heating system off not only to save on your electricity bill but also to obtain a cooler sleep environment and a better night of sleep.

Choosing an Electric Blanket
Electric blankets are usually divided into two types:

  • Overblankets – sit on top of your bedding to keep a constant temperature over the night.
  • Underblankets – fit over your mattress to warm the inside of the bed.

The type of electric blanket you choose depends on your personal preferences and how you are planning to use it. When it comes to size, electric blankets are sized to fit different types of beds, just like sheets and bedding. From single-sheet blankets to king-sized blankets, you will find an electric blanket to fit any size of bed you want.


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