Revealing the Other Benefits of Intermittent Fasting Besides Weight Loss


Fasting has become incredibly popular over the last couple of decades, especially among gym-goers who are having a hard time getting rid of their stubborn bellies. While many health practitioners are afraid from starving themselves or unwilling to limit their food choices, when executed properly, fasting can not only help in losing weight, but it can also boost your health. One of the most efficient and most popular way of fasting among body builders today is the intermittent fasting. Besides promising incredible results in losing weight, intermittent fasting is believed to help people optimize their health.

Before we name the health benefits, let’s make sure you’re familiar with the way intermittent fasting works. Unlike any other diet, intermittent fasting is not a typical diet that keeps you away from fatty foods or others. Intermittent fasting is a particular pattern of eating or a way of scheduling your meals throughout the day and wisely choosing the foods you’re eating (the healthier the foods, the better). But don’t take the food selection wrong, because intermittent fasting doesn’t limit your menu. It only changes the time you eat.

The most commonly suggested fasting period is 16 hours (known as Hugh Jackman’s 16:8 diet), but there are many who refuse taking any foods and sugary drinks for 24 hours. Ever since this fasting method has become popular around the world, it has attracted the attention of many health practitioners and scientists. As scientists always do, they doubt, they examine and they bring facts. Thanks to their curiosity, eagerness and well-trained brains, we now know that intermittent fasting brings a lot more than a losing weight potential on the table.

Boosts Your Metabolism: According to a logical-thinking theory, the bigger your calorie intake, the less time on Earth you have. As you age, your metabolism slows down and your body can burn less calories. When you’re intermittent fasting, your metabolism rate increases significantly, which means your digestive system will be burning more calories when you’re resting. In addition to regulating proper digestive functioning, the intermittent fasting can also active your self-healing processes.

Improves Your Insulin Sensitivity: Any fasting method is known to improve the insulin sensitivity and make your body more capable of dealing with high intakes of carbohydrates (sugars). Intermittent fasting is able to normalize the glucose level in your body and improve its variability. Studies have proven that intermittent fasting is the most efficient natural way of normalizing the glucose levels in human’s blood.

Clears Stored Fat from Muscles and Liver: When you’re not eating for prolonged periods of time, you’re offering your body no other solution than to burn stored fats both from muscles and liver to use it as fuel for energy. Our bodies are not capable of burning all the fats from the fatty foods we eat, so they just store it. Over time, the stored fats become extremely hard to get rid of and may cause a series of health conditions. All of those stored fats will turn into cells-fuel once you start intermittent fasting.

Benefits Your Brain: Since intermittent fasting improves your metabolic rate which is related to a few significant features of the brain, it improves your brain health too. Reduced sugar levels in your blood, better insulin resistance, reduced inflammation and reduced stress are some of the brain features that depend on the metabolic rate. But that’s not all. Intermittent fasting also increases the brain-derived neurotrophic levels (BDNF), which deficiency can lead to depression and a number of other brain issues.

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