Bamboo Bedding: The Ideal Solution for Kids Prone to Allergies

Few things can ruin a fun day at the playground as allergies. Due to their young and weaker immune system children are often prone to developing allergies. Dust mites in the house can be hard to avoid, even if you clean thoroughly every day, there may be still dust particles lingering in the air and invading the furniture. They are the culprits that often trigger allergies in small children and can lead to more serious health problems as well, such as asthma. Last year my two-year old son feel ill and had difficulty breathing and his little nose was red and stiff. When my husband and I took him to the hospital the doctor did some tests and told us that our little prince was allergic to dust. He told us to keep our home in pristine condition by cleaning every room thoroughly, remove large carpets and heavy drapes or curtains and make sure the indoor air is always fresh and clean.


The doctor suggested we get a humidifier to reduce indoor humidity, clean the floors regularly with a wet mop and don’t let the kid play with stuffed toys, which can accumulate a lot of dust. But, the most important thing for kids prone to allergies is how clean is their bed. The doctor told us that we should create a healthy sleep environment for our son using dust proof mattress covers and hypoallergenic bedding. I used to be someone who loved the look and feel of cotton bedding, but once I started researching about hypoallergenic sheets and blankets I found out the truth about cotton. It holds a lot of moisture and can easily attract allergens, such as dust mites and mould.

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Hypoallergenic bedding, on the other hand, like bamboo bedding is designed to eliminate dust mites and bug beds and create a comfortable and healthy sleeping environment where kids can be in dream land all night long, without being disturbed by annoying allergies. Its great moisture regulation was the main reason why I chose bamboo bedding for my son. He would often sweat during the night and dust mites thrive in moisture. Organic bamboo sheets are designed to reduce moisture and humidity, thus preventing dust mites from invading the bed. They’re also a lot softer than cotton and the bamboo fibres are know as natural allergen barriers that protect the skin from spores and fungus. What’s more, this super soft bedding is very easy to clean, doesn’t stain easily and is extremely durable.


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