Things You Can Do to Prevent Pressure Injuries

Ageing is the main factor that leads to brittle and weak bones and that’s why many elderly people are bed bound due to a broken arm, leg or hip. Changes in bone structure and posture are common with ageing. It is a well-known fact that as they get older people lose bone mass and density and this is especially common for women in menopause. The main reason why bones become weak and therefore more prone to damage is due to the loss of calcium and other minerals that is more pronounced after the age of 50. The reduced mineral content makes the bone thinner and that’s why a seemingly not that dangerous fall can often result in a broken arm or leg. This kind of injury can in turn lead to other health problems.

For the broken bone or bones to heal you have to sit or lay in the same position for long periods of time. This kind of prolonged sitting without changing your position can reduce blood flow and prevent the normal supply of nutrients to certain areas of your body. With little blood flow and only a small amount of oxygen and nutrients the skin around that area will appear red, inflamed and numb. These are some of the most common signs of pressure injuries that happen due to immobility and prolonged stay in bed. They not only cause discomfort, but can be very painful as well and in some serious cases may cause complications that require urgent hospitalization.

In addition to reduced blood circulation, pressure injuries can also appear due to poor hygiene, very dry or moist skin and diabetes. With the right pressure care management and care you can prevent this type of injuries and avoid all the complications that follow. Try to reduce the amount of pressure on sensitive areas by changing your position from time to time while sitting or laying in bed. Furthermore, there are many pressure care products that can help you prevent painful injuries and make recovery more comfortable.

Mattresses and cushions that conform to the body are the most commonly used products for pressure care management. They can be made from many different materials, foam and gel being the most popular and effective ones. A mattress made from memory foam is designed to provide enhanced support to the body, all while alleviating pressure points that cause pressure injures along with stiff back and neck. Cushions and mattresses that contain gel will also include other materials such as foam that can contain the fluid. They are also designed to provide a lot of comfort and support the body in different sitting and laying positions.


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