Root canal treatment explained

When a tooth gets infected with bacteria and it’s left untreated, that bacteria will spread, to prevent this only two options exist removing the tooth or receiving a root canal. A root canal is when the pulp of the tooth gets removed and replaced. It can be found and performed by a dentist or endodontics, there is a root canal treatment Melbourne as well.

If you need to get a root canal treatment Melbourne, it will benefit you to know what the procedure is and what are its advantages.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure : Step By Step

The root canal treatment is essentially a four step process, and is usually performed in two visits to the clinic.

  1. Before anything else the dentist injects the gums with anesthesia to numb the feeling in your mouth. Before the anesthesia hits however it is natural to feel a little pinch when the it breaks the skin. After your tooth has been numbed, the dentist places a dental dam (a little rubber that keeps the tooth dry).
  1. Next the dentist will use small tools, like a small drill to make a hole on the top part of your tooth until the bacteria is seen, at which point he will use small files to remove it. The files will also be used to reshape the insides of the tooth, as well as the root. When all of that is done, the dentist might wash the mouth with water to remove excess pulp and anti-bacterial solution.
  1. After the inside chamber of your tooth has dried, the dentist proceeds to fill it with a rubber like material (often gutta percha is used) and cover it up with a temporary filling until the permanent crown gets put on.
  1. The final step includes placing the permanent crown on top of the tooth and depending on it’s condition a metal beam might need to be placed inside the chamber to hold the crown sturdy.


Advantages of Getting a Root Canal

Although it might sound painful, this procedure is quite beneficial for your overall health, not just your teeth. Some of the advantages include:

* Toothache pain can cause a lot of discomfort through out the day, and at nights it can even make people insomnic, leading to depression.

*By having root canal done, it means you have saved your tooth instead of having it be removed, giving it more time to serve you.

*If you want to save money and don’t go for the root canal option. Removing the tooth and getting a prosthetic one is more expensive then the root canal option.

*And if a tooth is not replaced after it has been removed, it can cause numerous problems in the mouth. Your teeth will start to shift, neighboring teeth will start to supra-erupt (fall off) and a lot more mouth related problems might occur.


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