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How Can The Ketogenic Diet Change Your Life

The ketogenic diet. Maybe you’ve heard about it, maybe not, but luckily we are here to make things simple. So, basically the ketogenic diet plan food list focuses on replacing carbs with fats, which puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.

When this occurs, your body becomes extremely efficient at burning fat to gain energy. It also turns the fat into ketones in the liver which supply energy for the brain.

This means that the keto diet plan food list has a lot of health benefits. Some of them include massive reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels, benefits against diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

Over 20 studies prove that the ketogenic diet plan food list can help you lose weight and improve your health. Not only that, but having a precise list of what to eat will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, focus on your goal (weight loss) and just live a better life.
So this is how the ketogenic diet plan food list can change your life:

ketogenic diet food list

What to avoid?

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Test Boosters: The Ultimate Exercise Enhancers


We are pretty sure that most of you know what is a testosterone. For people who are not so familiar, it is a male sex hormone produced by the body. When men is in his young age of puberty the level of this hormone starts to rise and this process continues until he reaches 30. After this the levels of testosterone are likely to drop and for most men over 30 is hard, if not impossible to build muscle mass, even with the most rigorous workout regime. So, it is not surprising why most of the men in this age group are trying to find a safe way to increase testosterone levels thus build muscle mass over the long run.

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Primrose Evening Oil: Women’s Favorite Remedy

Jars of primrose evening oil have been a staple on women’s natural remedies shelf for years. Women from all over the world are founding it to be very beneficial during various periods of their life. Rich in essential fatty acids, it can help address a wide range of concerns such as the following ones.


PMS Concerns

Taking primrose evening oil supplement each month can help alleviate some of the hormonal challenges of PMS. It may also help address irregular cycles. Primrose evening oil is also highly recommended for relief of painful fibrocystic breast disease, another common concern of a monthly cycle. Continue reading Primrose Evening Oil: Women’s Favorite Remedy

Propolis: A Natural Antibiotic

Traditional antibiotics are very important in medicine. But unfortunately, for decades they have been over-prescribed and over-used. As you may know, antibiotics cause damage in your gut flora, plus don’t contain any nutrients.

Thankfully, there some very effective antibiotics provided by nature, which are much better to the body. One of them is propolis – an amazing germ-killing substance produced by the bees.

Honey Bee – The Nature’s Antibiotic Producer

It’s been said that a beehive is one of the most sterile places in nature. Bees produce an incredible, complex substance in their hives using pollen, oils, resins, balsams and waxes. And that substance is used to seal and protect their hive against bacterias, virus and fungous. This substance is called propolis. Continue reading Propolis: A Natural Antibiotic

Which White Wine Has The Fewest Calories?

When buying food most of us spend significant amount of time in the supermarket, checking the labels in order to gather information about all the nutrition facts, but few of us do this when buying wine. It is generally known that white whine is lower in alcohol than the red wine. Yes, a glass of Riesling won’t break your diet plan, but what you need to know is that this is not the white wine with the lowest calories level. Thereby if you are trying to watch your figure arm yourself with the basic knowledge about which white wines have the fewest calories. Continue reading Which White Wine Has The Fewest Calories?

Weight Loss Supplements – Pros And Cons

When it comes to weight loss we’ve all learned about the ‘golden rule’ spend more calories than you actually take in. Permanent lifestyle changes such as implementing healthy eating habits and regular exercising are often advised by the nutritionists. However, the key for weight control doesn’t always lays in the diet and exercising plan, sometimes there is need for weight loss supplements that can help for achieving the desired weight loss goals.

Truth is, there is no magic pill that will do miracles for your extra kilos to disappear, the weight loss supplements can help you to control your appetite. Also the supplements can be of great help for you in your weight loss journey by acting as metabolic booster for you if you are one of those individuals who doesn’t enjoy exercising. Continue reading Weight Loss Supplements – Pros And Cons

Top Reasons To Buy Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is known to people as the ‘healing honey’ that can only be found in some parts of Australia. It’s very rare and normally a bit more expensive than the ordinary honey. The miraculous Manuka honey is made from the Australian Manuka plant ‘Jelly Bush’ that is a bit different than its counterpart in New Zealand. Today, this healthy superfood is used for a number of reasons, thanks to its ability to kill germs and harmful bacterias that damage the body tissue.

It is the antibacterial qualities that make this honey so popular. It contains hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal, antibacterial components that help stimulate the production of special cells that can repair the tissue that has been damaged by infection. You can choose from 5+ to 20+ non peroxide ratings, depending for what you want to use the honey. The higer the UMF, the greater the healing properties of the Manuka honey are. Keep in mind some of the following benefits, when you buy Manuka honey online.

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A Confession from a Previous Vegan – Alexandra Jamieson

I found this article interesting. It’s about Alexandra, a women who has been a vegan previously. Now she is not.
Here is her story.

Dear friends,

I am no longer vegan.
And I am still passionately devoted to helping as many people reach their ultimate health as I can. By helping them accept their cravings and working with their unique bodies to create lives of meaning, freedom and radical self-acceptance. Continue reading A Confession from a Previous Vegan – Alexandra Jamieson