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Interesting Facts Proving Hypnosis Is Real

People usually have the wrong opinion about how hypnosis works. It’s not like those Z – movies from the 50s, where there is a watch going left from right and you are under mind control, or the Hypno-Toad style from Futurama!

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Hypnosis – The Ideal Way to Quit Smoking


“Want to stop smoking, just learn to love yourself” lead by this quote I am now proudly wearing the title- a former smoker. For me giving up smoking was not an easy task, it actually was a ride that lead me to a destination that is beyond the horizon. I thought that I would never reach it, but here I am testifying that everything is possible if you only want, every move we make, every step we take is a matter of a personal choice. Don’t wait to find yourself in a life-threatening condition, stand firm, start fighting and overcome the harmful habit that kills your lungs gently and slowly.

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Treat Depression With Hypnotherapy

Ways To Treat Depression With Hypnotherapy

With all this stress around us, everyone can become depressed. People who suffer from depression have problems how to explain their feelings to others. If you start feeling some signs of depression and doing nothing about it, it can have huge effects on your relationships, work, finances and health. Because of this it is recommended to ask for help as soon as possible. Felling fed up, bored and unhappy for longer period of time means you need a professional help. With the right therapy you can overcome this mental health condition and continue living your life same as before.

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Simple Ways To Relax Under Stress

Relax Under Stress

With the “modern” lifestyle we live by, with all those tasks and obligations that consist our busy schedule, it is almost impossible to stay immune to stress. Sad but true, it seems like anxiety is becoming part of the life of many people, from all age groups. Anyway, anxiety is not a mental condition you should deny and leave untreated. On the contrary, you must find a way to relax and let the negative thoughts go. Continue reading Simple Ways To Relax Under Stress

Hypnotherapy: Frequently Asked Questions

HypnotherapyHypnotherapy is a process that uses hypnosis to interact with a human’s subconscious mind and by using positive suggestions, to change our thoughts, behaviours and feelings to better. This process has been in use for centuries and it has been helping people to handle a variety of addictions, conditions and other issues. The effects of hypnotherapy are big, as the natural deep state of mind and heightened awareness allow the hypnotherapists to make appropriate, positive suggestions, which you are very likely to accept. However, people are not very familiar with hypnotherapy and how it works, so they ask a lot of question. In this article, we cover the most frequently asked questions about hypnotherapy. Continue reading Hypnotherapy: Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hypnotherapy Really Help You Lose Weight

Hypnotherapy to lose weight

The brain is the most powerful organ, you can do anything if you set your mind to. Close your eyes. Imagine a day of eating only what’s good for you. Imagine hypnosis actually helps you lose weight, and it will. Though this concept is very controversial, and the medical community still does not officially recognize it as a valid method of weight loss, many doctors use it in their practice. If you are not satisfied with your appearance, you can try hypnotherapy to lose weight. Continue reading Can Hypnotherapy Really Help You Lose Weight