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How Your Mattress Affects Your Training

If you are aspired by the healthy lifestyle and you want to lead one, then you should know that natural, healthy eating, regular training and good sleep are vital to embark on the journey called ‘healthy life’.

In other words, positive thinking, good nutrition and regular exercise are the active ingredients that jointly make the formula of healthy living. Especially if you are a professional athlete, I want to give you the best of friendly advice that if you do not eat and sleep according to your goals, you should not expect to reach them. Continue reading How Your Mattress Affects Your Training

What To Do To Ease Sleep Apnea

If you are unfamiliar with the word “apnea” it means without breath. Sleep apnea is a condition in which the throat closes up during sleeping. It causes awakenings and pauses during the night, sometimes resulting in loud snoring or gasping for air. A standard treatment for people suffering from sleep apnea are specialized breathing machines. These machines, which are in fact tight-fitting face masks, keep the airway open during night in order to relieve those pauses in breathing which are potentially dangerous. However, many people find the mask uncomfortable and they refuse to wear it.


Continue reading What To Do To Ease Sleep Apnea

What Is More Important: Sleep or Exercise?

Sleeping is good for reducing depression and for strengthening your immune system. In other hand, the exercise speeds your metabolism, increases energy and reduces your stress. To keep up with healthy way of leaving, you should both exercise and sleep enough.

Some people exercise because they want to lose weight, others for preventing from diseases and high blood pressure. Good exercise also improves Continue reading What Is More Important: Sleep or Exercise?