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How to Choose Lingerie for Your Body Type

There is no doubt that lingerie makes you feel sexy. Push up bras, corsets, lacey panties, stockings, busters they all have the power to boost your confidence even they are not even seen. Lingerie is more than a piece of material, it is an alter ego. Wearing a sexy piece underneath your clothing will feel you more like a woman celebrating sexuality regardless of your size and body shape. The choice of lingerie can make or break your overall appearance, so it is important to consider your body type when looking to buy a new sexy piece of underwear. Here is a simple guide on how to choose the right lingerie for you.


Big hips are a thing now. Triangle body shape means you have a wider hip structure compared to your shoulders. Some women enjoy their hips while others are trying to cover them. If you like to put the attention to your hips then you have a lot of sexy lingerie options, on the other hand, if you want something to steers the attention away and create a more proportional look, try matching set with a ruffled bra that creates an illusion. Another option is a bandeau. This straight piece will make you feel like your hips and shoulders are at the same level.

Inverted triangle

Your bust line and shoulders are wider than your hips what gives you a figure of an inverted triangle. Before buying new lingerie, think about which part of your body you want to cover or flaunt. Choose lingerie with halter necks. If you have a flatter bum, teddy is a good choice as it distributes the attention equally. Matching lace panty or thong and bralettes can also be your choice to go. A matching set will help you create a relatively straight look what makes it an option too.


Women with this body type have the same size of hips and shoulders with a slender waistline. This figure is hot and sexy and does not require special pieces. This means wear anything you want and you will look sexy and seductive. However, if you feel confused and do not know what to choose, then teddy, corset and garter belt models will fit you perfectly. High leg panty is also a choice, but you cannot go further without a sexy lingerie set. It is a piece that your wardrobe must own.


Do you have a straight line and no defined curves? If you do, then here you are, in the category of rectangle body type. Your bust, hips and shoulders are almost the same levels so you might need something that will cinch your waist such as corsets. It is a piece that will add much-needed curves for you. Also, you can opt for a teddy or garter belt if you have a lengthier torso. Push up lingerie is also a smart choice, specifically something like bustier lingerie.


A body type that is round near the waist and has no or little definition. It is a figure where the hips are less wider than the upper body and the torso so trying to add some proportions wearing the right type of lingerie is a very good idea. The negligee is a good choice. It is a type of lingerie that will define the bust line while hiding the chunks of your waistline. Teddy is also a good choice, but keep in mind to look for lingerie in darker colours.

Massage Chairs Melbourne

All the Reasons to Invest in a Modern Massage Chair

One of the best ways to put both your body and mind at ease is by enjoying a soothing and relaxing massage. It’s most commonly used to alleviate the symptoms of back pain, which is a common complaint among people of all ages. It can happen as a result of injury, but in many cases aches in the back are caused by the either the sedentary of demanding nature of your job. For instance, movers or construction workers whose job can often involve lifting heavy objects can be affected by back pain. Heavy lifting can put a lot of strain on the muscles which can lead to pain that radiates not only towards the spine, but shoulders, neck and legs as well. While a modern office job might not seem like physically exhausting, it’s actually the leading cause of chronic back pain nowadays. Sitting long hours at the desk can also have long lasting effects on your posture.

Massage Chairs Melbourne

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Eucalyptus Oil: How Can It Improve Your Well-being?

The oil of eucalyptus comes from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree and has a strong herbal aroma with a canvas undertone. While the tree is native to Australia, it can be found today in many other countries like South Africa and the United States. There are more than 700 different species of eucalyptus in the world, of which at least 500 produce a type of essential oil. Continue reading Eucalyptus Oil: How Can It Improve Your Well-being?

The Features and Benefits of Medical Treatment Chairs

Everyday activities cause enhanced strain on certain areas of the body, the joints and muscles to be more exact. The joints, in particular tend to get weaker overtime, therefore it’s not surprising that the elderly often suffer from joint pain and inflammation. For many people the inflammation can lead to long-term joint damage. Persistent joint pain that doesn’t seem to get better with time is know as chronic inflammation that targets the cartilage, a connective tissue that has the purpose to provide cushioning and support the joints. Continue reading The Features and Benefits of Medical Treatment Chairs

Root canal treatment explained

When a tooth gets infected with bacteria and it’s left untreated, that bacteria will spread, to prevent this only two options exist removing the tooth or receiving a root canal. A root canal is when the pulp of the tooth gets removed and replaced. It can be found and performed by a dentist or endodontics, there is a root canal treatment Melbourne as well.

If you need to get a root canal treatment Melbourne, it will benefit you to know what the procedure is and what are its advantages. Continue reading Root canal treatment explained

Little Effort a Day Makes Health and Beauty Stay

For how many of you have the stunning look of Hollywood actresses been motivation trigger to carve the same looking body? We all know what women usually gossip about. That other friend that lost weight and toned her body. In today’s world where outer appearance is a measurement of beauty, being fit and looking fancy and glamorous is a top priority of many women. It seems like the perception of a good-looking body has gone to a different extreme – perfection. Hollywood has set the standards and women all over the world have subconsciously accepted them. Continue reading Little Effort a Day Makes Health and Beauty Stay

Things You Can Do to Prevent Pressure Injuries

Ageing is the main factor that leads to brittle and weak bones and that’s why many elderly people are bed bound due to a broken arm, leg or hip. Changes in bone structure and posture are common with ageing. It is a well-known fact that as they get older people lose bone mass and density and this is especially common for women in menopause. The main reason why bones become weak and therefore more prone to damage is due to the loss of calcium and other minerals that is more pronounced after the age of 50. The reduced mineral content makes the bone thinner and that’s why a seemingly not that dangerous fall can often result in a broken arm or leg. This kind of injury can in turn lead to other health problems. Continue reading Things You Can Do to Prevent Pressure Injuries

Microdermabrasion Procedure Explained

Is your skin lacking its radiance you still remember from your youth? Want to look good and feel fresh again? Microdermabrasion is a skin care procedure that can help you achieve a rejuvenated skin. It is a treatment that has been invented in Europe and after being introduced to Australia it became one of the most popular medical aesthetic procedure.

Performed by professional skin care providers, microdermabrasion provides an instant facelift and it is an effective alternative to costlier and more invasive procedures like chemical peels, Botox injection, and plastic surgery. Lately, more and more Australians are trying it, instead of pursuing cosmetic surgery. Continue reading Microdermabrasion Procedure Explained

Bamboo Bedding: The Ideal Solution for Kids Prone to Allergies

Few things can ruin a fun day at the playground as allergies. Due to their young and weaker immune system children are often prone to developing allergies. Dust mites in the house can be hard to avoid, even if you clean thoroughly every day, there may be still dust particles lingering in the air and invading the furniture. They are the culprits that often trigger allergies in small children and can lead to more serious health problems as well, such as asthma. Last year my two-year old son feel ill and had difficulty breathing and his little nose was red and stiff. When my husband and I took him to the hospital the doctor did some tests and told us that our little prince was allergic to dust. He told us to keep our home in pristine condition by cleaning every room thoroughly, remove large carpets and heavy drapes or curtains and make sure the indoor air is always fresh and clean. Continue reading Bamboo Bedding: The Ideal Solution for Kids Prone to Allergies

Belt Back Support

Combat Back Pain with Belt Back Support

If you suffer from back pain you may be wondering if a belt back support can help alleviate your discomfort. Yes, in many cases it can.

When it comes to back injuries, incorrect posture is the main cause. Back support belts are designed to help reduce the load on the spine as well as improve posture. They are considered both a preventive and a treatment tool that you can use to obtain posture support and back stability.

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