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Have you made a #Breakfast for tomorrow?

A little #FoodBox full with healthy food for your stomach.
Here is a little suggestion:

Why do we believe that we can feed our bodies manufactured…

Why do we believe that we can feed our bodies manufactured, nutrient-depleted, food-like substances, empty of all life, and yet remain healthy? How did we come to believe that industrial chemicals and processing could replace what nature produces?
—  Mark Hyman

Thinning Hair Facts

Men are most commonly suffering from thinning hair and hair loss, but women are also facing the same problem. There are many women in Australia and across the universe that are facing a serious problem with hair loss.

Hair usually grown 1.25cm per month and that makes a lot easier for males to grown up some extra hair monthly. But womens have much longer hair. They need some extra time for growing a new hair.

The process of growing up new hair is hard and heavy. Women try treatments for months just to stop losing hair.

But replacing their lost hair, is really hard to be done on a normal way. That is the reason why people, usually women add hair piece to their hair.
The hair pieces and extensions are adding some extra length and volume to the hair. The hair extensions are really nice solution for the hair and also really nice solution for better appearance.

Here is a text “Thinning Hair Facts” on describing interesting facts about thinning hair.

Balance Hormones With Nutrition and Grow Healthy Hair

Almost everyone is in the process of losing hair. Even the fullest head of hair loses 50 to 150 hairs a day. Hormones have very large role in the process of hair growth and they are affecting every aspect of health. Many women commonly notice that their hair is at its fullest during times of pregnancy and after that they are facing pattern hair lose. After the pregnancy, they start losing hair more intense. In this period we can see the very best role on the hormones on our health.

Many times womens losing hair is associated with the hormones line estrogen and testosterone. Usually this is happening in the times of the menopause. Factors that might increase the hair losing in women are: high stress, poor posture and lack of exercise, heavy exposure to environmental toxins. When starts the hair losing, usually the first zone that is attach nape area of the head. Continue reading Balance Hormones With Nutrition and Grow Healthy Hair

How to Become a Morning Person

Morning persons have a big advantages. While the night owls are still hitting snooze, the early birds are making things happen all across the universe.

Here is a little guide tips for becoming a morning person.

Maybe you have tried many ways how to become a morning person, but the heavy metal alarm won’t help you become a morning person, or the coffee that is waiting for you on the table.

People who wake up earlier tend to feel more optimistic and proactive, and usually are more healthier and less stressed, compared to those how tend to stay under the cover till the late hours.


So if you hate the alarm sound more days than the day after Christmas, than here are some tips that might help you become a morning person, little by little.

Sleeping like PRO

The obvious solution to waking up earlier, is getting enough sleep in first place.
Remove all the reminders correlated with work, 30 to 45 minutes before you go to sleep.

Try to get nice position. Many doctors say agree that sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent back pain, while side sleeping is the best to prevent heartburn and acid reflux. Sleeping on your stomach may help you stop snoring, but may lead to back and neck pain.

There are some types of food like spicy food that might lead to heartburn or indigestion, or the chocolate that has sneaky caffeine that could keep you up and might delay your sleeping time.

Warm shower may also help you fall asleep more faster.

In the next blog post we will try to stay focus on waking up on the right way.